Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi Everyone welcome to my new blog!This is what I planned to do for my new blog.

1)Have a wishlist of what I like
2)Show pictures of what things of what I have that I like and enjoy
3)In the end of my post show links to what things I like and try to make someday
4)Try to get some advertising
5)Show what I baked and show the recipe along with it

These are some ideas that I would like to do.If you have any other good ideas I would like to hear what they are.It is so weird where I am living in Washington because yesterday was the first day of Spring and now today we are getting our first snow day of the year since we moved here.I just like to look outside and see the snow we are getting!It must be really cold outside getting snow.This weather reminds me of Virginia before we lived here because their weather is not cold and not hot,but warm.A few days after we moved here Virginia have been getting snow and we weren't getting anything,but boring old rain. :( I don't like to see and hear rain and see how icky it is outside.Blah!Sometimes we get really sunny days,but usually rain and rain.How many times can it rain constantly.I have taken a beautiful sunny picture of yesterday weather out my window on my ipod out and pictures of snow that we are getting!Yeah for pretty snow!

I took these 2 photos in my parents room that facing the front yard.We live in a small neighborhood that wouldn't be getting a lot of snow like the streets will.

This sunny picture below from yesterday i used a app called Instaframe to edit it on my ipod.Isn't it just looks beautiful!That is a pretty view i took from my bedroom.My bedroom is also facing the backyard that where my older sister Fatima and I get most of the sun in our rooms than my parents and my other oldest sister Yasmeen rooms don't.Hurray for me and Fatima!

Here are some links that I love:
I love Rosa bath salts.Totally I want to try it!
Yummy Cake Batter Ice Cream Cupcakes!
Homemade Frozen yogurt.Gooodddd!
Recipes for good homemade frozen snacks.
Pretty blogger banners!

Thank you all for visiting!Stay tune for everyday post for now often.

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