Saturday, March 23, 2013

Magazines and Books I like

I have wanted to show you all what books I have been reading for homeschooling and these lovely magazines my mom got online.These magazines are called Mollie Makes.These magazines show you have to make different things like how to make a crochet garland.I think that garlands are pretty.I want to try to learn how to crochet and knit.It seems like it not that hard to do.I can show you a picture of the crochet garland in the Mollie Makes magazine.By the way these magazines are from the United Kingdom.You can only buy these from the online store that is in the United Kingdom.I like to get a book that has a different language in it.It's fun to see what is in the inside!

Aren't Mollie Makes magazines are just beautiful?I like how the covers are.It would be nice if they sold these where I am living so that we could just go to the store and buy it and don't have to wait to get it in the mail.Here are not so good pictures of the books and workbooks that i have been doing for the weekdays.Inside the binders are books that my mom have printed from brave writer that i have started reading already.All of these books and workbooks are good.I like reading them.It is fun to learn about what people invented.The books i have in my pink basket is wordly wise notebook,the life of history of the united states,vintage remedies:school of natural health,botanical medicine: in the home(this is also a vintage remedies book),2 a history of us books,help your kids with science book,a black notebook for taking notes,and the omnivore's dilemma book.I hope you all have a great weekend!Enjoy!

I almost forgot to post links of what I like.
This organic smooth lotion is teriffic.I would say it is a lot better than the stores.
I enjoy watching animated hero classics.Like the one I like so far is helen keller.
To make a good blog is what abeautiful mess ecourse blog design love teaches you how to do.
The wacom tablet helps you design a good banner or anything for your blog.

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